Marine Fish

Abundant & diverse of marine fishes can be found on Sabah's water. Fishes are carefully caught by our skilled fisherman and we against perilous ways of catching.


You can choose wild or cultured corals.  We legally licensed to import and export worldwide. CITES are available with no quota hit (until further notice).


Exotic kind of invertebrates also available on Sabah's sea water. From the rare red carpet anemones to neon slugs and many more.


Our facility   runs on approximately 200,000 litres of natural seawater which has been passed through ultra-violet sterilizers & treated by ozone. We are near to the sea.

Our livestocks  are kept on our seacage facilties on the open sea and they are boat & transferred to our ground warehouse periodically. All livestock that reaches ground facilities will be quarantined and given propriety treatments before placement in their respective blocks & tanks.



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